First of all, besides everything, I’m an enthusiast about some IT related areas and I like to know how stuff work, going to the real understanding of what’s happening in the background.  Of course that’s not possible with a limited amount of time for a lot of things, so I concentrate my research on the areas I most like and are also my working areas, which are Data Recovery, Digital Forensics and Information Security.

I’ve studied IT since high school, continued to the university and always tried to keep my knowledge up to date on my working areas with some further courses, but in a so huge and evolving market, that’s not easy to be honest.

I will never claim to be a specialist on any of the areas I work or that I will write something, as to be a specialist on anything I would have to compare myself with someone, and out there, are tons of guys much smarter than me.  I’m just someone who likes to learn!

I’ve been working for a long time (14 years) on a Portuguese company called Data Recover Center, that has most of its activities surrounding the areas I like.  Also, as the company has grown a bit of the last couple of years, I had the chance to had some nice experiences on some other countries, like Switzerland, Angola, Mozambique and some others, what I think it showed me different realities and perspectives, not only of life, but also on the areas described above.

If you like to check my profile, you can do it on Linkedin: http://pt.linkedin.com/pub/david-marques/5/765/22a

Please feel free to contact me and tell me anything you like, or that you dislike!


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