WD Firmware Finder App

I would like to share with the DR community a small App that I wrote to help on a very simple task of locating a specific Firmware version for WD Marvell families.

Well, this is not something new, that could not be done using some other apps, which probably most of us are using already for quite some time.  This is just my version of a tool that I think it’s useful.  I’m not a programmer by nature, but I was on a small C# course, and on this kind of courses, we always have a final task to accomplish.  Based on that, I decided to write this simple app that receives from the user the version that he’s trying to find and returns the folders (drives) that have that specific version.

There’s only one configuration to be done, that is creating a file called “Path.txt”, on the folder C:\Temp, with the location of the WDCMarvell folder that contains the Firmware for all WD Marvell families.  If that condition is met then it’s quite straightforward and I’m sure everyone can run it without major issues.

If someone finds a bug or some peculiar situation where the app does not work, or even any suggestions for future versions, let me know, so I can keep upgrading it.

Here is a screenshoot of the application main window.

WD Firmware Finder

You can download the application on this link: http://www.datarecovercenter.pt/Downloads/Find_Firmware_Version.zip

Hope you enjoy!

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